Artist : 藪崎次郎 | JiroYabuzaki

写真作家 | Photographer
色彩管理士 ( JCRI 認定 ) | Color Management Supervisor
Atelier PIXEL 代表


 藪崎次郎は「 自然がもたらす精神的な共鳴 」を主題とし、作家デビュー当初より一貫して「水 」をモチーフに、その表現の追求と作品の制作を続けている作家である。

 藪崎の作品は写真を主体としつつ、その上に最新のデジタルペインティングを用い描画する技法を用い、被写体の持つ美しい色彩とディテールを細密技巧的かつ立体的に描写する独自の作風を特徴としている。彼の作品はアートコレクターから「リアルを超えたリアル」と称され、国内外を問わず幅広いファン層を持つ。 自然の造形美を余さず撮り込む超高精細な描写、鮮やかで躍動感あふれる色彩表現、人間の気配がする人工物を構図からすべて排除した緻密なフレーミングなど、これらを一つの作品にマージすることで、鑑賞者の記憶と心理の奥底に深く刻まれる、リアルで幻想的な独特のアートフォトを創造している。

 近年ではコマーシャルギャラリーでの作品販売の他に、企業や団体への作品提供、文化芸術活動、写真関連セミナー講師など、幅広く手掛けている。 また商業分野では、卓越した撮影ノウハウと色彩のスキルを活かし、年間1,000人以上の症例写真を撮影。その知見は美容分野や医療における研究開発に大きく貢献している。 

Artist Jiro Yabuzaki's theme is "Spiritual resonance brought about by nature," and since his debut as an artist, he has consistently used the motif of "Water" in his pursuit of expression and production of artworks.

 Yabuzaki's works are characterized by his unique style of depicting the beautiful colors and details of his subjects in a detailed, technical, and three-dimensional manner, using the latest digital painting techniques on top of his photographs, which have been called "super realistic" by his fans and art collectors. By merging these elements into a single work of art, he creates a unique art photography that is both realistic and fantastical, deeply etched in the viewer's memory and psyche. By merging these elements into a single work, he creates a unique art photography that is both realistic and fantastic, deeply engraved in the viewer's memory and psychology. In recent years, in addition to selling his work in commercial galleries, he has been involved in a wide range of activities, including providing work to companies and organizations, cultural and artistic activities, and lecturing at photography-related seminars.

  In the commercial field, he utilizes his outstanding photographic know-how and color skills to photograph more than 1,000 cases per year. His knowledge has greatly contributed to research and development in the beauty and medical fields.

Solo Exhibition  |  個展

2024.04 8th Solo exhibition " - 自然との共鳴 –  " / Ken Fine Art, Osaka, Japan

2023.09 7th Solo exhibition " - fine – 第三章 " / Island Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2022.05  6th Solo exhibition  " - fine – 第二章 大阪展 " / Island Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2022.03  5th Solo exhibition  " ㈱シグマ 本社特別展示 " / SIGMA Corp. , Kanagawa, Japan

2021.12  4th Solo exhibition " - fine – 第二章 " / Island Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2020.10  3rd Solo exhibition  " - fine – " / Island Gallery , Tokyo, Japan

2019.07  2nd Solo exhibition  " - f – "  / Island Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2018.06  1st Solo exhibition " 1/f Signals "   / Island Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

Group Exhibition  |  合同展

2023.09  icon CONTEMPORARY PHOTOGRAPHY 2023  / AXIS Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2023.09  MAG招待作家展  / 南森町アートギャラリー , Osaka, Japan

2023.05  Chapter2 icon -Landscape-/ KEN FINE ART, Osaka, Japan

2022.09  icon CONTEMPORARY PHOTOGRAPHY Ⅱ  / AXIS Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2022.01  The World in Yokohama 招待作家展示  / PASHA STYLE , Tokyo, Japan

2021.10  MAG招待作家展  /南森町アートギャラリー , Osaka, Japan

AWARDS  |  受賞歴

WPC World Photographic Cup 2023 日本代表写真家 (Nature/Landscape)

WPC World Photographic Cup 2021 日本代表写真家 (Nature/Wildlife)

WPC World Photographic Cup 2020日本代表写真家(Nature/Wildlife) 

IPA International Photography Award 2020Professional category HM x 3

TIFA Tokyo International Foto Awards 2019Professional category HM x 2

JPS日本写真家協会   第41回JPS公募展

JPA 日本写真作家協会  第14回JPA公募展 、他多数

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IMA online / IMA online

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Fine Art Photography Book 3 / NiSi optics

Fine Art Photography Book 2 / NiSi optics

Seminar . Workshop |  セミナー登壇他

Adobe PhotoShop セミナー講師

CP+ 2023 Leofoto ブース登壇

CP+ 2022  株式会社シグマ オンライン登壇


CP+ 2019   NiSi optics . Leofoto ブース登壇

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